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Installing Overlayed on Windows

Jan 02 2024

This blog post will walk you through the downloading and installation process to get Overlayed up and running!

📦 Downloading

First download the program for Windows from overlayed.dev homepage.

Download on Windows

Once you have the Overlayed_<version>_x64_en-US.msi you can then open it to being the install process.

⬇️ Installing

Once you open the .msi file you will be greeted with an installer window, follow the steps to complete the installation.

Windows SmartScreen

Because Overlayed has not built trust with Microsoft you might see a smartscreen warning. You can click More info and then Run anyway to continue with the installation.

First smart screen prompt Second smart screen prompt

🥳 Congratulations!

You now have Overlayed and you can follow the steps provided in the app to get started!

Looking for a different platform?

Installing on Mac

Installing on Linux